Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Announces Licensing Decision, Fails to Protect Public

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Earlier today, July 11th, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board announced a call for applications for a second casino license in Philadelphia.

“A second casino would be no less predatory then SugarHouse” said Dan Hajdo, boardmember of Casino-Free Philadelphia. “Casinos profit off people suffering from gamblingaddiction. Rather then another application process, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Boardneeds to step up and provide real protection from the practices that create and stoke gamblingaddiction.”

Having long maintained that casinos cost more than any potential benefit, Casino-Free Philadelphia released a report last year showing that citizens of Philadelphia lost ten times theamount of money at SugarHouse than the city gained from its share of casino revenue in thecasinos first year.

The group has also called for changes in casino practices to protect patrons of the casino.

“They could eliminate Quicksand Credit (the practice of the casino loaning credit to players forunlimited amounts) for one thing,” said Hajdo. “But instead they only promote the industry,rather than regulate it.”

Casino-Free Philadelphia has cited research showing the harms of casino, and notes that thereare many things, such as offering free alcohol and remaining open 24/7, casinos do specially totake advantage of people with gambling addiction.

One possible protection, the Self-Exclusion list (a form that allows gamblers to excludethemselves from casinos) could be useful. Yet casinos do not make this known and Casino-Free Philadelphia maintains that their contact with patrons shows few if any likely know aboutthis provision.

“Even easier then banning quicksand credit,” Hajdo adds, “the PGCB could allow patrons tosign up for the Self-Exclusion List right at the casino, require the casino to post that information,and require gaming board representatives to seek out an help those showing signs of gamblingaddiction.”

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has implemented no new protections since it wascreated.

Casino-Free Philadelphia's mission is to stop casinos from coming to Philadelphia and close any that open. The social and economic costs of predatory gambling are plainly apparent from an industry reliant on addiction to survive. Visit us online at