Following the money trail

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Follow the money trail!We delivered large bags of money to the city commissioners and urged attendees to "follow the money trail" (see PDF flyer at right). The political process for casinos in Philly has been a farce — designed to appear as if community voices are being heard, without actually taking any of those voices into account.

As we know from Common Cause's report from earlier this week, the $16 million dollars that casinos and their lobbyist friends donated to Pennsylvania politicians is paying off.

Philadelphia politicians were the ones who got our city into this casino mess, and it was always unlikely they'd be willing to get us out of it without pressure from us. It's up to all of us now to continue to keep Philadelphia casino-free!

Our actions were well-covered by the media, including videos from ABC 6 News and Fox 29 News, and coverage in the Associated Press, WHYY, KYW News Radio, the Inquirer, the Daily News and the Metro.

Part of the Declaration of Independence from Casinos campaign

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