Operation Transparency

The PA Gaming Control Board (PGCB) refused to make public their documents, such as updated site plans and traffic plans. No meaningful public input could be made without access to such basic documents.

The goal was to get the PGCB to stop violating our right to know and release the hidden documents. If they did not release the documents by our Dec. 1, 2006 deadline, we vowed to go to their offices in Harrisburg to carry out a “citizens’ document search” and make the documents public ourselves.

We led a two-month campaign with small media-friendly actions, like washing the PGCB’s windows to help them become more transparent. After the deadline passed, the documents still had not been released. Fourteen people carried out the document search. All were arrested, only to later be found “not guilty” by a judge who scolded the PGCB’s behavior. The judge virtually invited us to return to Harrisburg and do it again if the PGCB did not release the documents and become transparent. Public pressure was mounting.

The result: Thousands of pages of documents released.

Campaign Dates: 
October 2006 to January 2007