In The Public Interest: A Few Questions That Need to be Answered


Philadelphia’s next casino should be selected with the public interest foremost.


How are the applicants addressing questions like these?


  • What is your plan to protect people from gambling addiction? How will you guarantee it is carried out?
  • Do you guarantee to have an independent, certified gambling addiction counselor available 24/7 on-site at all times that the casino is open?
  • Do you guarantee to limit your business hours, so that addicted gamblers could have a chance to break their pattern?
  • Will you have a non-smoking gambling floor, so that addicted gamblers who take a smoke break can think about what they’re doing?
  • Will you eliminate in-casino lending (quicksand credit), or at least limit it to smaller amounts and/or to regular business hours?
  • How far is your casino from the nearest residential neighborhood? School? Place of worship?
  • Will you track statistics on where your patrons live and how much they lose, and will you make those statistics public so we can understand if the city is gaining or losing from having a casino here?
  • What percentage of your annual payroll is guaranteed to go to Philadelphia residents? Will you make that information public and how will you guarantee to meet that goal?
  • How does your project’s design create synergies and help existing local businesses prosper instead of undermining them?
  • Are all of your impact studies available online for comparison and critique during the selection process?
  • Can the public or community organizations look at your entire, final application? If it is not ready, when will it be ready, final, and public?