Casino-Free Philadelphia’s mission is simple: stop casinos from coming to Philadelphia and close any that open.

We are not opposed to gambling, only to the predatory practices used to purposely generate addiction in our city. We are opposed to all casinos, anywhere in our city; we do not accept money from any “rival casinos” and indeed reject any donations from anyone employed by or involved with the casino industry.
Philly and the Predatory Gambling Industry

The social and economic costs of predatory gambling are plainly apparent from an industry reliant on addiction to survive. The casino industry thrives by increasing gambling addiction, targeting the poor, and avoiding paying the costs associated with crime, bankruptcy, and the losses from other local businesses.

Casinos in Philadelphia will hardly be the economic engine for the city that they promise. The Philadelphia oversight commission run by the state of Pennsylvania estimates that casinos in Philadelphia will result in a net loss of jobs. In fact, casinos destroy twice as many jobs as they create. Thus, the sooner SugarHouse is shut down — and Foxwoods abandons its plans — the better for Philadelphia job-seekers.

Nor will casinos in Philadelphia do particularly well. Casino-Free Philadelphia’s study, Snake Eyes: All Odds Are Against the Philly Casinos, documented how SugarHouse casino will likely be the first to go bankrupt in Pennsylvania, and why Foxwoods may never open at all. Yet in its first year of existence, SugarHouse generated numerous negative effects on the city and its residents.

The social and economic costs of predatory gambling are plainly apparent from an industry reliant on addiction to survive.

The casino industry thrives by increasing gambling addiction, targeting the poor, and avoiding paying the costs associated with crime, bankruptcy, and the losses from other local businesses. Specific studies of these effects of predatory gambling are available below.

We are not opposed to gambling, only to the predatory practices used to purposely generate addiction in our city. We do not propose that the government outlaw gambling; we question, however, whether the government should be sponsoring and endorsing predatory gambling.

Casinos in Philadelphia are not an economic engine for the city. The Philadelphia oversight commission run by the state of Pennsylvania estimates that casinos in Philadelphia will result in a net loss of jobs.

In fact, casinos can destroy two to three times as many jobs as they create. Local restaurants and entertainment venues are having their business cannibalized by an industry in which the profits will leave the city of Philadelphia to the benefit of far-off billionaire investors.

Hiring people, or “providing jobs,” is not the same thing as economic development. Creating jobs may be a part of economic development, but simply looking at how many people a casino might hire is not an economic analysis.  This is why economists will often rely on studies of real income to judge economic development.

Very little research even attempts to asses economic development.  The best research to date, based on data from 11 states over a 15 year period (1991 to 2005), economics professors Douglas M. Walker and John D. Jackson, concluded,

“ … the casino industry does not have an impact on economic growth at the state level.”

Although they suggest the casino development may bring “initial positive growth” any positive economic effects “die out over time.” Again, as with the casino impact on employment growth, economic growth depends upon a number of conditions.

Additionally, the “social costs” of gambling addiction can have an economic effect on a local economy.


The “social costs” of casino development are notoriously difficult to estimate.  Estimating the effect of those costs on the local or state economy presents another difficult task.  This is one reason why economic studies, like the one by Walker and Jackson cited above, are important.  That study, however, does not assess casino impact on local economic development.  Estimates of local social costs, however, suggest that the impact is potentially significant.

Two widely cited estimates give us an idea of how much those costs can affect the local economy.

First, from a study conducted in 1999,  The National Gambling Impact Study Commission  reports that “lifetime costs (bankruptcy, arrests, imprisonment, legal fees for divorce, and so forth)” are estimated “at $10,550 per pathological gambler, and $5,130 per problem gambler.

Second, again from the PICA report in 2007, economist Earl Grinols,

“put the cost of apprehension, adjudication, incarceration, and regulation at between $20,500 and $45,700 per pathological gambler per year. The Mayor’s Gaming Task force estimates Philadelphia’s diagnosable pathological population to be as many as 9,450. Even on the low end of the estimated cost per pathological gambler, if Grinols numbers are accurate, the costs would be close to $200 million.”

With a serviced space, you are able to work together with your group in an environment that is a huge action ahead of your home office room. You can choose to work together or alone with them on the projects that you have in mind. This makes it simple to work with as well as develop your concepts. There are meeting room available for you as well as your group to work together and share your future goals. There are devices offered for you to utilize. Can you think about anything else you may need?

If you desire, you can additionally make use of a serviced office as an area to discover what others may have to claim. These people may or may not be a part of your growing firm, but they may still give you with understanding into the business world that you are attempting to end up being a part of. At a serviced offices Singapore, anything is possible and also everybody can benefit from it. It does not matter whether you tinker with things, are developing products, or are just dreaming of the following web site that everybody on the planet will certainly desire accessibility to. Every service in the world needs to begin somewhere and also it utilized to be a great deal tougher to obtain your means of access at a new office that would certainly be dedicated to whatever you require for it to be.

In a serviced offices Singapore, you obtain the running start that you have been waiting on. They are cost effective spaces that permit you to have accessibility to every little thing you may need. Many have workdesks and also other things already in place. This makes it simpler for most people to take the jump right into a workplace of their very own. They are developed to be used as short-term offices so you stay clear of every one of the long-term leases that feature the normal business setting.

In a serviced office Singapore, you can release your mind and also grow your business without fear of dedicating yourself to a lasting lease and also the financial responsibilities that include it. A lot of these areas include an extremely reduced month-to-month settlement to ensure that you are able to place the mass of your finances toward the services or product that you are giving.

Every person in business world understands that office spaces were once developed to be totally various than they are currently. Workplace were made to give an individual personal privacy while they worked as well as basically the only time you would certainly have the chance to talk with others was in a meeting room. The good news is, now things have actually changed a little as well as everybody is acquiring an understanding of, "two minds are far better than one." This is why a lot of firms are providing work spaces that are a lot more open. Are you all set to operate in a serviced offices Singapore?

Do you need an office space that works for you? By choosing to have actually a serviced office Singapore, you are freeing yourself from conventional offices. This makes it much easier for individuals to broaden their firm’s horizon without breaking their bank or connecting themselves down. In some cases, these office might have access to satellites that permit you to speak with a moms and dad firm in one more location or another nation while you are digging your heels in at the brand-new workplace.

Just how much will you pass first utilizing serviced office Singapore? Will you expand a firm that can stand on its own within a couple of months’ time? Will you have the ability to go from having a single worker to having 10 or more? You will certainly never ever recognize up until you attempt. It takes greater than a wonderful mind to consider suggestions. It takes a committed workspace, people you can trust to aid you, as well as more. There has actually never ever been a far better time to learn what you will have the ability to achieve in the future for your business.

There has never ever been a service that quickly had everything they required. Several start out with just a few staff members as well as some start out with only themselves. Whichever situation you remain in and also regardless of what phase of advancement your company is in. There is an office for you that will give you more than you ever before dreamed feasible.

All of us love your house that we initially move into. We take pleasure in establishing it up and also seeing just how our individual products match it. We may include ornamental items that highlight the shades in our furniture or we may get brand-new products that all appear to match. As time passes, furnishings ends up being worn, colors disappear, and also our likes modification. This is when you require personalized made rugs in Singapore one of the most. It will update your house and also make it seem like new throughout once again.

Everyone that you understand will enjoy the customized made carpet & rugs in Singapore that you have in your home. They will certainly delight in the new look you have developed by putting it in your home. Your visitors will would like to know where you got it and also possibly be a little jealous that you did. Are you ready to make your friends as well as prolonged family members desire that they had what you have?

Envision a circular carpet that features strongly tinted hexagons. One of one of the most preferred color selections is black and white, but that is not the only shade alternative you have when you take into consideration custom made carpet & rugs in Singapore. If you like bold, yet not too vibrant, you may likewise choose a carpet that has decorated circles in the pattern, yet they are not created to stand apart too much. To counter the subtle appearance of this carpet, you might pick a bolder shade for the carpet.

In your living room, you have choices for just how you desire it to look. Lots of new, custom-made made rug & rugs in Singapore are created with you in mind. They are the dimension that you desire, the colors you enjoy, and also the styles that you feel ideal about having in your home. They can make any area far better than it was in the past. There are bold, felt round carpets offered and rugs that have a removed pattern. There are name brand rugs that you can trust in and a lot more. Are you prepared to uncover what is available at Custom Made Rugs & Carpet in Singapore | etch&bolts

Typically the hardest part of selecting a new rug or carpet is determining what you want it to look like and choose just how big you need for it to be. This is because carpets are cut to fit the dimension that you require, and the color choices are countless. You may have a carpet that leans extra towards the abstract or you might have a toss rug that has a refined pattern on it. Some are bold, and also others are much more planet tones. You get to choose which one attract you one of the most as well as what space you want to utilize it in.

In time, also the very best homes come to be dull. They require transform as long as we do. They need new paint and brand-new furnishings, but these things are not easy to come by for many people. Thankfully, you do not need to think about the surroundings or the furnishings. There are new, custom-made made carpet & rugs in Singapore that you should think about rather. These carpets and also rugs can offer any type of space in your home an instant makeover for a portion of what it would certainly cost to redecorate.

There are lots of factors people pick to have brand-new, personalized made rug & rugs in Singapore. Your factors are just as important as all others and it does not matter whether you desire your youngsters to have a tidy carpet to lay on or you merely want warmer areas on your floor to stand. All carpets and also carpets are covered by a satisfaction warranty in many cases. This ensures that when you take the carpets residence, you are going to be 100% happy with your acquisition.

Walk your residence or your workplace. Do you love what you see there, or do you feel that it requires something more to make it the space that you have always desired it to be? Buying a lot of new furnishings and decoration might become expensive. For that reason, carpets as well as full-sized carpetings can be a more budget friendly choice. Can you imagine enlivening your kitchen area with a carpet by your sink or your stove? What concerning a good carpet in the entry means where you will stand to welcome your guests? It can be yours. You simply have to make a decision that it is the ideal option for your home.

You could additionally attempt looking for the target search phrases of a certain SEO company in order to have an idea of how they execute Search Engine Optimization by themselves internet site. This will also be a good opportunity to recognize the quality of their solutions and provide you an image of exactly how your internet site might reasonable. Search Engine Optimization firms normally send their sales reps to talk with their clients, however it is very suggested that you additionally talk with their Search Engine Optimization group as they can supply you with practical answers to your queries.

SEO is not something every person could do– it involves a specific collection of technological knowledge, abilities as well as experience. If you desire your site placed and acknowledged, obtaining a Search Engine Optimization expert is your ideal wager.

Prior to hiring a Search Engine Optimization consultant, it will certainly be of much assistance if you could check out extra regarding SEO in basic. With at the very least fundamental knowledge of SEO, you have a much better idea of exactly what you wish to get out of the specialist you will certainly employ.

The work of a SEO company includes aiding your web site be recognized by major search engines such as Google and also Yahoo. Given that SEO can truly aid your site accomplish its goals, it is just suitable that you select a good SEO business.

During your search for a Search Engine Optimization consultant, one of the most crucial aspects is their track record. Getting information about a professional’s track record will offer you a concept of their work history, SEO techniques as well as methods, as well as consumer connections.

When a couple decides to spend their lives together and have a family, it is a great thing. Everyone deserves to hear someone call them mommy and daddy. We all want the traditional family and when the time is right to start trying for it; you may expect it to happen quickly. However, some loving couples may try for years and remain unsuccessful. They may talk to their doctor and find out that they have a very minor issue, but then wonder how to overcome it. If this sounds like your life, you should know that there is a successful procedure that may help you get the baby you want to have. IVF Singapore can turn a loving couple into parents and most all who give it a try, have a baby quickly.

First Comes Doctors

In some relationships, a baby isn’t always easy to have. Mother Nature doesn’t always realize that you would make perfect parents. You may have to talk to your doctor about your options. They may give you several suggestions to try first and there are even more “natural” ways to try and conceive. If you still cannot find your success, then you should ask your doctor about IVF and what it may be able to do to help your dream become a reality. Ask them about the procedure and what you may need to do to increase your success rate through IVF. Chances are good, you will only have to take a hormone to ensure your body is ready for conception and then go through a very minor procedure in which your eggs will be removed from your body, mixed with your partner’s sperm, and then implanted back into your womb.

The Success Rate of IVF Singapore

Most all pregnancies that start with IVF will result in the parents having a baby to hold at the end of it all. This means that within a year of you first trying to have in-vitro fertilization, you will be holding your baby very soon. If you are one of the lucky parents, you will have two babies to love either already with you or on their way. Technology has advanced far enough that all your dreams can become a reality and your partnership can become a true family.

Our personal computer are utilized for a selection of points. They make it simple to speak to relatives that live away and share pictures with them. Computer system make staying up to date with our costs and also banking a bit easier and for some, they make it much easier to go shopping. Nevertheless, many people overlook using their computer for something that it is really useful for. Have you ever before visited an on the internet furniture stores Singapore?

One more bonus offer to buying from an on-line shop is that the majority of items could be given your door by a shipment group if you are purchasing big furnishings. This suggests you do not have to pay even more to have the shop bring it to your house and you do not have to fret about exactly how you will obtain it to your house or up the elevators as well as stairways. What extra could you ask from an on-line furniture stores Singapore?

Furnishings does not have to break your bank if you prefer to check out an online furniture shop Singapore. The joy of on the internet buying includes your capacity to look hundreds of possible stores to discover the rate that you can live with on a thing that you like. In the on the internet world, shops are constantly hosting sales. If you could not find a shop that has a sale going on for a product that you desire, you could frequently search for the firm that made that furniture. A great deal of times, they will certainly have the item at a discounted rate. One of the most essential point is that you take the time to look at all your choices. It could save you a large quantity of loan to do so.

You can locate it via an on the internet furniture stores in Singapore. You could discover that and also much more. All you have to do is look around for it on your home computer.

At a furniture store, you can discover distinct or strange items that interest your unique preference. You could likewise find furniture that is made by residents as a means to provide themselves a little revenue doing exactly what they like. They are one of a kind distinct pieces that are well worth the effort of looking for them. How would certainly you want to support others in your area as well as have something that will make others covet what you found?

When you look right into the on the internet globe to find an item of furnishings that you could not live without, you must take your time looking. When you do ultimately discover the furnishings that you were wishing for, it will certainly be well worth it. At that time, you will certainly be so thankful that you took the time to look for an on-line furnishings shop Singapore.

On-line furniture shops supply several advantages to their clients. They permit you to make a decision if you enjoy traditional or contemporary furniture as well as then you could shop around for the items that you want at a cost you really feel is cost effective.

With the net readily available to every person, it is simpler to obtain points done, specifically for those individuals who have a tough time doing so. When you acquire points from an online store, a lot of things could be shipped directly to your residence in a matter of a couple of days. The very same holds true for an on-line furniture store Singapore. This aids individuals that suffer from a handicap or those that are not able to obtain out by themselves to enjoy their house a little bit more.

If you’re trying to find needs to sign up domain for your organisation even if you don’t plan to use it right now, you’ll find that register domain will certainly aid in your ventures to market your business online or elsewhere. Take your time to try to find a registrar that could supply you a good deal for a domain register consisting of after-sales service and effective customer aid.

With a licensed domain, you will certainly learn that integrity with clients is enhanced. An excellent domain could attract consumers to your company site even if it’s simply a parked domain name. Enhancing your company by attracting a bigger customer base are just some reasons to register domain for your service even if you don’t mean to use it right away.

You do not constantly need reasons to sign up domain name for your business also if you do not mean to use it right away nevertheless, it could spend for you to search for preferred search phrases when choosing your domain name. Selecting the right domain name will certainly aid reinforce your brand as well as will play a part in your advertising and marketing techniques also if you’re not using your name as soon as possible.

A domain name assists you locate a Web address on the Internet. When you sign up domain name, that name is lawfully under your ownership and no one else could register that name as long as you remain to pay your annual registration charge. The procedure to sign up domain name is reasonably straightforward and also low-cost as long as you locate on your own an excellent, inexpensive certified registrar.

As soon as you sign up domain name, you’ll certainly discover more factors to register domain name at for your organisation also if you don’t plan to utilize it right away. Look for a good recognized registrar to provide you with all your domain name register needs and also you’ll find having a domain easy and also advantageous.

Domain name register will require you to give your information for an effective enrollment, aside from paying, that is. These details will normally be produced and also offered on the Net unless you pay a fee and choose a personal registration. In this manner, your personal information will certainly be made exclusive as well as your details secured from public viewing.

Selecting a name is an essential aspect of your business. Your name needs to reflect the sort of organisation you do. With 63 characters alloted for your domain name register, you can select preferred key phrases but you need to keep your name simple, appealing as well as conveniently kept in mind by existing and potential customers. Even if you do not have objectives to use your domain promptly sign up domain name is a great service item to possess.

There are several terrific factors to register domain name for your organisation also if you do not mean to use it right away. These are just some of the factors to sign up domain name for your organisation even if you don’t mean to utilize it right away.

Before you register domain with a certain registrar, you need to assess thoroughly the regards to their agreement. Each will have terms that can possibly be beneficial or high-risk for your internet site. Domain name registrars will normally provide a selection of plans that can cover everything you will should get your site up. Also, make sure that your registrar provides prompt alerts when your enrollment is about to expire.

It is not an unusual circumstance that your very first couple of selections of domain are currently taken and also this is the moment that you should be innovative. As much as possible, attempt to register a domain name under extension given that it regulates the greatest authority. When you are ready to get your domain registered, you will certainly be needed to provide individual information just like having an actual organisation registered.

In choosing a domain, you can either utilize keyword phrases that relate to your particular niche or one that defines your trademark name. If you’re included in offering mobile phones, then it needs to be something like Popular brand names such as Starbucks would have their domain name as Whichever you select, make certain you prevent trademarked or copyrighted names.

In our extremely sophisticated era, having an online company is very much trending, especially with rewarding income potential that could be derived from the web. In order to have an online existence on the web, it is necessary to register domain name first. The method your domain obtains signed up can have a big influence on the success of your on-line venture.

Another important step to sign up domain name is to locate a trustworthy domain name registrar. Domain registrars are entities accredited to do business with domain name names.

Quality domain enrollment solutions normally come from those that need enrollment charges. As long as feasible, keep away from cost-free registrars since they are usually the ones that have suspicious solution. You can make use a decent-quality registration solution for as low as $10 annually. Some registrars could use waived registration fee for the initial year.

When you sign up domain with a certain firm, it is recommended that you organize your site a different company. Organizing is important due to the fact that it is where the actual components of your site are located. Professionals advise having separate accounts as a means to spread out your danger simply in instance something fails with either your domain name registration or hosting carrier.

Having a domain name is essential since it mostly serves as the identification of your site and this is what users will certainly type on the address bar of internet browsers to examine it out. Domain have a wide array of expansions such,. net,. info, It is essential that you have your domain very carefully figured out and need to be significant or appropriate to the motif of your website.

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